tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

** we just returned from a day full of family, food, wine, sun, sand and the sea.

** this morning ph and i were on a walk while the bean was napping and we saw a guy texting while driving a motorcycle.

** this was frightening.

** if you knew how the greeks drive, it would frighten you even more.

**bean has been a great little traveler.

** going with the flow.

** has even slept through the night a couple of nights in a row.

** i am still having technological issues, so i wont be uploading pics until i get back.

** but i do have some good ones.

** i have been making hexagons and knitting.

** but i do miss my sewing machine.

** and will be glad to get  to work  on stuff for the craft show when i get home.

** and see the dogs.

** they were very sad when we left.

** off to rest and finish my book.

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  1. i have to say the dogs are doing fine. sabre even is eating everyday. and hasn't pooped in the house....but we do miss you all♥ glad your all have fun and chace loves greece......
    grandma pat