Wednesday, September 22, 2010

tomorrow evening, 6:50 to be precise
athena and stella arrive in rochester.
they will be staying at our house
for four whole days.

to say that i am excited is an understatement.
i am beyond excited,
over the moon
giddy with anticipation.

but i am also a little nervous.
we have never met.
we talk every day,
thanks to technology.

but i do not know the
sound of her voice
or the sound of her laugh.

i know that she drinks coffee
and pinot.
but what does she drink in between?

is she a morning person?
a night owl?
will she think i am boring?
or too regimented with my schedule?
will she hate our house?

i wonder if we will cry
or laugh
or hug
when we greet each other at the airport.

there is a lot we don't know
about each other.
but in the big picture those
things don't matter.

who we were when we were 13,
doesn't matter
what matters,
is who we are now.

my sweet precious cooper
brought us together.
it is because of him
that our children will know
each other.

she is part of my tribe.
the people who helped
mend my broken heart
after cooper died.

the people who help me
navigate parenthood.
who laugh with me
when there is nothing else to do.

the people who i want
to have a presence in
chace's life.
to help shape the
person he becomes.

i know this weekend
is only the beginning
of a friendship
that will span
miles and years.

and i can not wait to
see where the journey takes

1 comment:

  1. All your worries are very normal feelings. Sit back and enjoy your company. I'm sure you will laugh and cry but it will be a fabulous meeting and something you will treasure forever.
    Looking forward to seeing some pictures.
    Peggy in NJ