live from kea greece

Sunday, September 5, 2010

 for some reason my technology doesnt work in greece. so i am blogging from my mother's computer. this means i can not  post photos. but my brother arrives today, so i am hoping that he will be able to figure out why the hell i can not get on the internet with my computer, despite the fact it says i am connected. so for now, you only get words.....

** bean was AWESOME on the plane ride over. let me repeat that a again. bean was AWESOME on the plane ride over.  he slept most of the way and when he was awake was very happy. 

** what a relief this was for ph and i. so many people commented on how wonderful he was on the flight. and believe me they were skeptical when they realized they were sitting near a baby.

** in fact the woman in front of us was such a bitch, despite the fact she has 3 children of her own, i am quite certain she will never fly coach again.

** we did not get the bulk head seats. hopefully, we will on the way home.

** bean has adjusted to the time change, is napping and sleeping well at night.

** he loves the sea. loves it. and has charmed everyone on the island.

** he is however, teething. i am quite certain he will have one if not two teeth when we return home.

** i am taking lots of pictures, drinking lots of wine and working on my tan

** it is warm, but there is a nice breeze, so it is not unbearable heat.

** ph and i are enjoying watching yaya and pappous with chace. they get the biggest kick out of him.

** that is all for now, i am off to take a nap.


  1. sigh. it sounds heavenly. today it is 60 and rainy and both my boys have snotty noses and coughs. if i leave now i could still get there to spend 3 days with you. how about it? take a nap for me and soak in some sun. maybe you can rub some of your tan off onto me when you get home.

  2. Can Not WAIT to see photos.
    Enjoy a glass of vino for me.
    And some olive oil and crusty bread.
    3 weeks and we'll be toasting.