dear chace

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

dear chace,

it dawned on me this morning, as i was going through your closet, taking out clothes that you have out grown, that time has flown by, that you have grown so quickly and that you will not stay little forever. people tell me all the time, how fast babies grow, but it never really sunk in until this morning. and my how you have grown.

today, you are 7 months old and you have hit some major milestones in the past month. you made your first trip to greece. you were so good. your papa and i were so proud of our little traveler. it was like you had been waiting for that trip your entire life. you loved the sea. i am certain that you could have spent all day in the water if we let you. you did not miss one beat. and on our epic trip home you were so good. even when we spent two hours sitting on the runway in jfk, you slept. bravo!

while we were in greece, you got your first tooth, sat up in your crib by yourself, ate lemon potatoes, had a growth spurt and charmed everyone you met. it was very clear that you are an extrovert. when you knew you had an audience you put on a show. i have a feeling that you will be crawling soon. it is clear that you want to move. you can get up on your hands and knees. but you can not figure out how to move. i think it is only a matter of time.

this month you will meet a new friend, actually next week, stella. i can not wait to see you two interact. i think that watching her crawl for 4 days will inspire you to do the same. that is after all, how your mama decided she wanted to walk.

everyday continues to be an adventure. you continue to amaze me. i fall more in love with motherhood each day. ( ok who am i kidding. only when you are being fun, cute and silly. not when you are fussy, grumpy or refusing to sleep). i look forward to seeing what lies ahead for you in your 7th month.


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  1. Dear chace,

    I can't wait to meet you.