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Friday, October 23, 2009

remember this post?

well, the book pure knits is now officially in bookstores and knitting shops across the country. i was in barnes and noble today, and i have to admit that seeing the book on the shelf made my heart go pitter patter. seeing one's name and designs in print can make a girls head swell with pride. yahaira did a fabulous job putting the book together and i think it was well worth the wait!

the mary ellen camisole was named for my maternal grandmother, mary ellen who passed away in september of 2007. she was quite a woman! i know you would have loved her. she turned 80 in may of 2007 and i knit her a cashmere blanket for her gift. she was always cold. i attempted to use the purse stitch, but somehow, i changed it and liked the result. that stitch inspired this garment and i thought it was fitting to name it after my grandmother. in addition, this photo was waiting in my email inbox when i returned home from her funeral.

the dimple v-neck was inspired by one of my favorite stitches, the dimple stitch and my all time favorite yarn, blue sky alpacas alpaca silk. the result is a garment that has immense possibilities. this yarn is a dream to work with and comes in a magnificent array of colors and i love the texture the dimple stitch creates.

this was a great project to work on and its nice to see all the hours of work in print.

thanks for indulging me.......


  1. Just back from 'away', catching up on all I've missed, (please note: I chose not to focus enough on the luscious, handmade chocolates to comment on them!!
    Congratulations on your name and pattern in print; now I will go on a search for it, want to see it in person

  2. Congrats Lucinda! It's fun having a famous friend! I love the patterns ... and the sentimental value attached. Will be looking for the book next time I'm at B and N. -Alicia

  3. Proof, again, of what a talented and creative gal you are! I can knit a pattern, but to create that pattern - I don't think so! Congratulations on your beautiful patterns now being in print for all to see and make. :-)