Monday, October 19, 2009

in my heart i always knew that the nursery would be cooper's until there was another baby on the way. until this weekend, i called it cooper's room.

why the change you ask?

well, i finally put all of the clothes, blankets, crib bedding, mobile, toys and other random things of cooper's in a box and sent them on to those who need them more than i. i got alot of unsolicited advice about how to handle the nursery after cooper died. i would smile politely and nod, careful not to give away what the committee in my head wanted to say to those who offered advice. although it took me many months to go through cooper's things, slowly making piles of what i wanted to keep and wanted to give away, i am glad i did it on my timeline. i was totally at peace letting those boxes leave the house this weekend. it like a weight was lighted, like i could finally take a deep breath and it felt good knowing that those boxes will help families who need clothing for their wee ones. most importantly i know that cooper's room has transitioned into the bean's room. and that gives me hope, hope of joyous days to come.


  1. I am looking forward to coming next week and helping it become the beans room...Isn't that what YA-YA's are for? XOXO

  2. Can't wait to see it sometime soon. I hope you and your mom have a fun with the project.

    All my love,