Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i have a love affair with boots, all kinds of boots, but my favorite type of boot is the cowboy boot. (yes, those boots are mine). there is nothing better than your favorite pair of jeans, a hand knit sweater and a broken in pair of cowboy boots. people, there isn't a more comfortable shoe out there.

but cowboy boots are a little hard to wear when your pregnant and have swollen feet. so whats a girl to do, you ask? wear uggs. i never i thought i would be a ugg wearing kind of girl, but once i bought my first pair i was totally convinced they were the next best thing to my beloved cowboy boots. i lived in them last winter and suspect that i will this winter since i will be preggo most of the winter months. i don't like house shoes, and prefer to wear shoes all day even if i never leave the house, so my uggies are perfect! i guess that's why i have six, yes six pairs of uggs. although i will be down a pair because my precious husband is threatening to toss, no burn a pair because they smell from over use, or so he says.

this is my newest pair that the ups man brought to me today. it makes me look forward to the cold weather.

whats your favorite shoe to wear?


  1. I've worn various styles of Birkenstocks forso long, I'm glad for your introduction to what looks like another line of comfie shoes, etc. Stylish too!

  2. Uggs are great. I got a pair as a gift ages ago, and I love them.

    Indoor alternative: Wicked Good Slippers from L.L. Bean.

    I want to know more about your cowboy boots. Those are all gorgeous! What kind are they? Where did you get them?

  3. Cowboy Boots & Toms! I have a pair of both in my car just in case I need to switch up . . . .

  4. Love all your boots! My favorite shoe brand is Dansko - I've got a great pair of their classic clogs and some suede boots. Both pairs get serious wear during the winter months (bonus: the clogs look great with handknit socks!).

  5. I've got to agree with the Uggs! Greatest shoe, EVER. In the summer, I live for Havianias flip-flops!