Friday, September 18, 2009

in her newest cookbook, falling cloudberries, tessa kiros says this about greece.

"greece is magnetic, they say. once you have stepped on greek ground it's hard to shake yourself free. myth has it that it's because your feet become stuck in the rich honey coating of this country."

i couldnt agree more. there is something about this country that gets into your soul, the very core of your being, and leaves you yearning to return. i dont know if its the people, the immense history, the sheer beauty of the place, the food or the way they enjoy life. whatever it is, it has become a part of who i am and always look forward to my return.

i am in the process of uploading all of my photos to my flickr account, if you are interested in seeing more.


  1. I have been to Italy and London, I preferred Italy, and have always wanted to go to Greece!! How many places in Grece have you been? Is there a place you would recommend to someone who doesn't know anyone there?

  2. Man, I just looked at all of the pictures! I love how clean everything looks in the stark white and the bright blue! All of the food looks so yummy - cheese, yum, olives, yum, lamb, yum!! Can I book my flight now please!

    How's the bean?

  3. Welcome Back! Hope your injuries from your fall are all healed and no longer sore - and that you've replaced your "lost" knitting needles without snarling at the clerk. :-)
    I absolutely love, love, love the blue doors and the pink pots!! Oh to have the freedom to do something like that here.