booties for the bean

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i cant even begin to tell you how many times i have made these booties for baby gifts for other people. i think they are so wonderful. they are little, soft, fuzzy and look delightful on newborn feet. and the angora yarn comes in delicious colors. for some strange reason, i did not make a pair for cooper. so i decided that i was going to make several pair for the bean. i have not knit much for him yet, but am very aware that i need to make different things for him, than i did for cooper. its all part of the journey.

so here are a perfect little grey pair of angora booties made with lots of love for the bean. i think they will look adorable with a jig onesie.

oh, and the pattern is from this book.


  1. Put these up on your Etsy Site ASAP and make them in burnt orange and maroon! will sell like hot cakes! tell people will do it in college colors or NFL?

  2. So cute! (what doesn't look adorable on baby feet?)
    I forget how teeny tiny the little feet actually are - what a sweet pair of booties to snuggle those little feet in.