or not

Thursday, April 2, 2009

travellers take note, it is advisable not to fly through chicago in the winter or atlanta in the spring/summer months if you do not want your travel plans disruptted due to weather.

i arrived at the airport this afternoon to find out that atlanta was experiencing severe weather, so severe that i would not be able to make my connecting flight forcing me to spend the night in the atlanta airport. the first flight i could get tomorrow was at 3 in the afternoon, making a short trip to texas even shorter, so i decided to stay in ny with my precious husband.

i had gotten over my anxiety and was very much looking forward to the weekend, but i did not want to spend the weekend in airports. that would have made me very grumpy and anxiety ridden.

so we will be back to our regular scheduled program here at lucends tomorrow. that's right dear readers friday knitting.


  1. I've found that it's generally best to avoid flying through Chicago at all costs (come through the lovely Twin Cities instead - we're usually on time up here). It's been said that the flight to hell goes through O'Hare - having waited 8 hours before for the flight from hell, I'd believe it :) Enjoy that unexpected time with your hubby!

  2. Sunday night and I just tumbled to fact that you never made it to Austin. I totally agree with comment about O'Hare. One person calls it O'Hell Airport. There are many reasons for that.
    Sorry about your trip.