made with love

Monday, April 6, 2009

i love to cook, but hate to clean. i made this very clear to my precious husband when we first met. and because we are the most perfect of matches, he cleans the house and in return i cook, really it's a match made in heaven. since cooking is my domain, part of my monday routine for the past two years has been to create a menu for the upcoming week and a corresponding grocery list. i take great pleasure in this task, looking for new recipes and trying to perfect some of my favorites. i had negelcted this task for some time after cooper died and have recently returned to my beloved monday ritual which i must admit feels good.

my precious husband always asks what is on the dinner menu each week and i always respond that he will have to wait and see. so when we remodeled our kitchen, i had the brilliant idea to paint the mustard yellow pocket door with chalkboard paint. a perfect place to post the weekly specials. and now my precious husband doesnt have to ask, but i secretly hoping he still will.


  1. I wish I could come over for supper! Chili and cornbread. Yummy! It's great you're getting back
    to being creative in the kitchen too. I just had
    a flashback of all of Sissy's recipe books we found last year! The love of food and cooking for our loved ones sure runs in our family. Maybe I'll choose something from one of her books to try.


  2. Lucky husband! Cooking has never been my forte, think I'd rather clean!
    But for you, another step along the path of healing, and I am happy for you....and your husband with a great dinner to enjoy.

  3. The love of cooking runs in our family, indeed. I too have the bug. I have always found cooking to be a calming, meditative, and healing process. I do my best thinking the kitchen and my best relaxing while eating.
    But, since my wife is in FL and I have no one to cook for, I am gonna drive the 6 or so hours from Kalamazoo through Canada to Rochester and come eat off that menu, sis!
    love ya

  4. what a cute idea! i'm inspired ...