2 weeks worth

Saturday, April 18, 2009

here is the latest batch of flock members. actually, it is two weeks work of birdies. they have flown in from maimi, glen cove, cedarburg, berrien springs, waco, rochester, canada, austrailia, grand rapids, wake forest and winnetica. i took a head count the other day, i have 206 coopers flock members! this is just amazing. and i know more are on their way. so many children and families will be comforted because of your willingness to knit birdies. i am certain that we will be able to supply the hospital with cooper's flock birds for a year's worth of surgeries, if not longer. so thank you again, dear readers. i am so inspired by all of you!

and don't you just love how b and s are in on the action?


  1. Adorable birdies!! I can finally start on my birds this week and I am so excited. I had to order the yarn and have my mom ship it to me here since about all this country has is Lana Grossa yarns - which I love! - there is just little variety.

    Beautiful dogs, too!


  2. Wonderful! I was just going to e-mail to make sure you got the birds, but I came here and Voila- there they are. I'm so glad they are in such good company and hope they do brighten a little one's day.

  3. Bailey: All these look soo yummy and I know I can bury them in all my favorite spots. Hey Saber sucks you cant sniff'em. . .

    Saber: I havent seen any birds like this before and boy do I wish I could jump up there and sniff'em . . . hey B get your fat ass over here, lie down so I can jump on your back and check them out!

  4. i can't stop thinking about how beautiful today was. i am so happy that i got to be a part of celebrating your sweet cooper's life. xoxo