things he says.....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

** i am a rockstar

** i am a winner

** mommy i need fresh air

** i am a pitcher

** is that dirty water?

** i want a big apple juice (referring to the oversized box they sell you at starbucks)

** germs make me sick

** does mommy have a p*nis? (very loudly in the locker room at the pool club)

** mommy is going to yoga. i need to go to yoga.

** i want to go on a big adventure.

** i want to go to school.

** i am going on a big big airplane to greece.

** i have brown eyes, mommy have green eyes and daddy have brown eyes.

** i waannnttt the cooper hawk.

and my favorite..

**"mommy"repeated an infinite number of times each day.

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  1. Write them all down - I've been keeping track for years, and I love coming across their words later.