personal space

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

i am in desperate need
of some personal space.
this need contributed to
one of my not so stellar
parenting days today.

chace has turned
into a mama's boy.
i am not going to worry about it.
(ok maybe if he is 30
and a mama's boy then i will worry,
no i will pay for this therapy).

this means that he
is stuck to me like glue.
he has no understanding of personal space.
he is 2.5, afterall.

but he is very good at
clinging to my leg.
pulling in my shorts and shirts.
climbing all over me
and wanting to be held
or calling "moooommmmmy"

today i had no patience for it.
i almost cried when he said to me
"mommy, i will meet you at yoga"
oh dear god, please no!
then, i practically sprinted to yoga.

i sat in the car in silence.
no radio. no phone. no computer.
no chace. no ph.
ahhh, sweet silence.

i was feeling guilty about
my lack of patience,
about my desire for some personal space.
i wanted to be hard on myself
beat myself up.

then i remembered that
it is what it is
for today and that tomorrow
is a new and different day.

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  1. Being a mom is hard. Wonderful but hard. I know I don't always have the patience I would like either. Enjoy your yoga and car time away without guilt!