operation potty training

Sunday, July 15, 2012

on friday, i decided to
put chace in underwear
and see what happened.
in my gut, i knew he wasn't ready.

but thought i would try.
for 3 days.

well. today is day 3
and i am officially calling
a cease fire.

after 3 days
of lots of wet
and some poopy underwear.
i can not take it anymore.
and more importantly
chace is not ready.

we had some small successes
which we properly celebrated
with dances and m&ms.
but all too often i heard
the words....

mommy i pee peed on the floor.
mommy... what happened?
mommy i pottied on the drive way.
and it went on and on...

so i will revisit this
when we return from our 3 week
vacation to greece.
he will be back in school
and his teachers and i can have a
joint operation potty training mission.


  1. Potty training is hard. The end.

  2. My least favorite part of parenting. Ever.

  3. yep, potty training sucks. i wish they had a camp that you could send the kids away to for a week (they have it for dogs you know) and they would come back potty trained. i would pay big bucks for that.

    poop in underwear is the absolute worst thing ever.