i believe....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i believe that a deep breathe can get you through any situation.

i believe that time mends, but does not heal all wounds.

i believe in redemption.

i believe that our scars make us who we are, and that we choose which ones we live with.

i believe in the healing power of love.

i believe people are come  into our lives for a reason.

i believe in a higher power, but i dont know what that looks like.

i believe that those we have lost watch over us.

i believe that everyone is creative, they just have to find their creative voice.

i believe that my creativity saved me.

i believe that we all have a choice in how we respond adversity.

i believe that happiness is a choice.

i believe that the greatest sound on earth is a child laugh.

i believe that music can speak to your soul.

i believe that parents have a responsibility to teach their children to respect others, to be kind, to be inclusive and honest.

i believe that thank you notes should be written.

i believe that parents should be parents to their children, nor their children's friends.

i believe that be a good parent is the hardest job there it but also the most rewarding.

i believe that sometimes you need a good cry.

i believe that alone time makes a stronger relationship.

i believe in love.

what do you believe?


  1. I believe in you....You are the best daughter a person could ever hope for....Thank you for being the person you are...I love you....and I am glad that we now are best friends.....xoxo Mom

  2. Beautiful. That is what life is all about. Believe
    Baby girl. Miss you. Sooo thrilled you love yoga so much and it found you. Xx. Sheeps