the stuff that dreams are made of....

Saturday, July 21, 2012

when i started lucends
i had no idea what the path 
was going to be.

what started out as blog,
has over the past 4 years
grown into a brand,
an identity, and a big part of me.

i have met some amazing people.
i have made incredible friends.
i have sewn millions of stitches.
i have cut an infinite amount of fabric.
i have created hundreds of bags.
and hopefully i have given those who have
become a part of lucends: LOVE.

over the past 6 months i have
been working on the next chapter.
and i am very proud to finally let you 
in on the secret.

it is time to get serious about the brand. 
it is time to take a chance.
it is time to believe in my work.
it is time to believe in myself.

it is time to stop being afraid.
afraid of the what ifs?
afraid of  failure.
afraid of disappointment.

it is time to soar.
i hope that you will join me.
i hope that you share lucends
with everyone you know.

this is after all, the stuff that dreams are made of.....


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