swim lessons

Friday, July 6, 2012

today was the last day
of swim lessons.
this meant that parents
could watch their kids
take pictures, video and shout words
of encouragement.

chace loves the water
and has turned into a fish
over the last two weeks.
he starts session two
on monday.

oh, and he got a progress report.


  1. OMG...He is truly a little fish...and has Greek in him...I sure hope he likes the salt water.....It will make him even more bouyant......sending love....Ya-Ya and Pa-pou

  2. He's a great swimmer and you are very brave! I was a "nervous nelly"
    last night watching my grandkids swim with 5 adults right next to them in the pool. They loved it but I had to go inside!


  3. ohm! luc! he is amazing. can non members take lessons? seriously. amazing. that is awesome!