tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

** i can not believe that it has been a week since i blogged.

** things have been pretty hectic around here.

** summer is in full swing.

** but i am having a hard time carving out time to get work done.

** chace started swim lessons yesterday.

** he desperately wants to jump off the diving board.

** i am fairly confident that if i put him on the board he would jump.

** tomorrow we are going to pick raspberries.

** this will require some kind of baking i am sure.

** skinny girl cocktails continues to be summer drink.

** i am reading a great book called, lone wolf.

** it has a fascinating account of wolf pack behavior.

** i also read stephanie neilson's, heaven is here.

** it was heart wrenching to read, but very worth it.

** i recommend both of them.

** ph is making pizza.

** i am hungry.

** looks like we are heading to greece this summer.

** we are beyond excited.

** happy tuesday ya'll.

** xoxo

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  1. It is a good thing you all r coming to Greece....We have only been on the island for 8 hours and everyone wants to know about Chace.....sorry we are all chopped liver.....xoxo Ya-Ya