Sunday, June 3, 2012

i grew up in the barn,
mucking stalls, cleaning tack
and riding any number of horses
on a given afternoon.

some were mine,
some were horses
that needed to be ridden
and some were ponies
i was training.

i was consumed by all things
horse for many years,
and truth be told there is nothing
i would like more than to return to the saddle.

i was good.
i was really good.
and i know that would not change,
but horses are not in my budget.

but i have found a surrogate
a way to enjoy the barn and horse shows
without having to spend my money.

valerie's daughter gianna
who is three rides.
today she had a horse show
chace and i went to watch her.

as soon as i stepped out of the car
i was transported to another place and time.
the sights, smells and sounds were a homecoming.
however, i saw all the activity through the eyes of a parent.

mothers and fathers were talking to their children
trying to help in anyway they could.
getting food, drinks, holding horses, and braiding hair.
locating numbers, lost jackets and helmets.
and giving a leg up before going into the ring.

i also saw the worried look in their eyes.
the silent prayer that said
please let them be ok,
please them have a good round.
please do not let them fall.
please do not let them forget their course.

while not much rattled be when i was
the one on the horse.
i am not sure i have the stomach to
be a horse show parent.

but i am happy to be part of the gianna's
team, to take pictures and cheer her on
as long as her horse career lasts.


  1. We are so very lucky to have you in our lives. Gianna will gain allot from you and all of your love and knowledge of a world that is so foreign to me. I fear the day we start trotting, and then jumping I will be so proud and yet filled with so much fear. But I know that I need to remain calm and support her as long as she loves the sport.!

  2. All is possible when "Trapper Sells".......xoxox