Hand foot and what?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It has been a rough couple of days
Long sleepless nights
many many tears cried
And it is only Wednesday.

Chace has been sick.
We thought it was an ear infection.
Well, it was an ear infection.

 But instead of getting better
And returning to his usual charming self
He has turned into something else
At one point this afternoon I was certain
that a small monster Had possessed his body during nap time.

He has been complaining that his mouth hurt
He has not wanted to eat or drink
He even turned down cookies and puddin
My child was sick, but with what?

I called the dr during his outburst
And with desperation in my voice
Told them I had to bring him in to be seen.

I was hanging on to the end of my rope
While preparing for the onslaught of tears
That were threatening to come crashing down.

We arrived at the dr Office
With no shoes, a dirty ducky
And a sobbing child.
Not one of my prouder parenting moments

The dr took one look at him
And said he has hand foot and mouth disease.
Let me look in his throat.
Yep, see all those sores?

Yes I see them.
No wonder he doesn't want to eat or drink.
But can you back up?
He has what? And why?
It sounds like something out if the dark ages.
Oh, and by the way I am mortified.

After a series of explanations and instructions.
He sent us in our way.

Chances are we will have a couple of more rough days
And Sleepless nights.
Maybe he will give up the paci
Because it hurts.

 Oh, and I am having a cocktail or two!

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