it is hard not to laugh

Monday, June 18, 2012

i understand that the rule
of thumb is that when your
toddler does something you do not like,
you are not supposed to laugh,
even if they are funny.

but i have to tell you
sometimes that is the hardest thing
in the world to do.

this evening
chace wanted a glass of milk
before he went up for his bath.

now i knew better than to give
it to him without a lid on it.
i knew that as soon as i turned
my back that chace would dump it on the floor.

but i was hopeful
that the out come would be different.

sure enough.
milk was all over the floor.
i was cleaning it up.
chace was attempting to help.
his father told him to help clean up the mess.
he proceeded to get close to my face,
point his little finger and say
" no way."

i lost it.
i coud not help but laugh.
it is too funny!
better luck next time.

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