tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

** the necklace that i have worn since cooper died broke today.

** well the chain broke.

** i am on the 4th chain.

** i need to order another one.

** i feel funny without.

** tomorrow is the last day of school.

** where did the year go?

**we are having a end of the year celebration lunch with gianna after school.

** it is going to be an adjustment for me to have him home all the time.

** he will do three weeks of camp at school.

** one week a month.

** yaya comes to visit on thursday.

** i am very excited.

** our time together in austin was so rushed.

** she will be here a week.

** i hope she brings the sunshine and warm  weather with her.

** i  hope that our pictures from bluelily arrive in my inbox soon.

** i am dying to see them.

** pizza night.

** happy tuesday !

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