tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

** chace is talking in sentences.

** too bad i don't understand a word of it.

** weight watchers is well, weight watchers.

** 3 weeks from today we will be in santa fe visiting my parents.

** i currently have 5 custom orders for lucends.

** i love custom orders.

**last night cooper's cardiologist was next to me in yoga class.

** she is the one who suggested i try.

** what a gift she gave me, by doing so.

** the yoga studio carries the cutest street clothes/yoga clothes.

** ph is worried.

** i ordered a bunch of new fabric this week.

** i bought this pattern for myself.

** i might need my mom's help.

** mom????

** we used our panini maker for the first time last night.

** can you say AWESOME?

** this may be our new food, especially for leftovers.

** happy tuesday! its time to sew.


  1. The pattern is darling...but really...plack down the front...collar...buttons....and that means button holes....we better get started asap....xoxo

  2. You're going to do JUST fine. Trust me. The button spacing is the tricky part, and hopefully they gave you a pattern piece for that, too. If you want me to "officially product test" it, I'm a small. :)

    Missing you.