Saturday, August 6, 2011

thursday was one
of those days
when i loved motherhood.

one those days
that was magical.
one of those days
that  i will always remember.

we didnt do anything extraordinary.
we simply were in the moment.
we had connection, chace and i
that was indescribable.

we were silly.
we gave kisses.
we laughed.
we played.
we rolled in the grass.
we looked at the sky.
we laughed some more.
we practiced downward facing dog.
we gave hugs.
we ran.

it was so simple,
so easy,
so effortless.

it was a reminder to myself.
that i am capable of turning my mind off
and just being in the moment with chace.

i wouldn't trade it for anything.
and i will cherish it always.
i look forward to more of these
magical motherhood moments.

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