dear chace

Sunday, August 14, 2011

 my dear sweet chace,

6 months from today you will be two years old. i can not believe that you are now 18 months old. the last year and a half has flown by, too fast. i am trying to stay in the present, to cherish every moment with you, but i get ahead of myself sometimes. in those moments you are going to college, following your passions, getting married, and having children of your own.  it goes by in a blink. i don't want to miss any of it. so i remind myself to stay present, in today, in the moment.

on this day that marks your 18th month of life. we played outside, you followed your dad while he mowed the lawn, you and i sat on the kitchen floor and ate blueberries and you and your dad are building a house out of legos as i type.

you are talking in paragraphs. unfortunately, i do not have the translation guide, so you get very frustrated at me. i have this feeling that one day when i ask you a question, you are simply going to respond like it's no big deal. you have figured out how to run. you take great pleasure in running around the yard, falling on the grass and laughing. there is nothing better for your dad and i to witness.

we leave in week to head to santa fe to see yaya and pappous. your dad will meet us there. we will also head to beaumont for the weekend for you to meet your aunt ashley, who you are in part named after. when we return from our trip, you will start montessori. i am sure that i will cry that first day, but know that montessori will be so good for you and is exactly where you need to be. our routine will shift a little, but for the most part will stay the same.

when your brother died, i did not know if  my heart was capable of loving so completely again. you have changed that, i knew from the day you were born, that my heart could love again. the last 18 months have taught me that the heart has the capacity to expand and love an inconceivable amount. i love you more than words can express. you are my greatest gift, my greatest joy and my greatest joy.

love you always

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  1. Chace...your Pa-Pou and Ya-Ya feel the same about you being able to heal and fill that space that for some time seemed so empty...We can't wait to see you and of course your parents.....and we have so many flowers that you can pick...which by the way was your mother's favorite thing to do when she was little.....xoxo