precious husband

Monday, August 1, 2011

he is known as ph on this blog.
and precious husband fits him perfectly.
he is my rock,
my salvation,
my best friend.

we were newly married
when cooper died.
just shy of our first 
our marriage had not been tested.

and was it about to 
be pushed to the brink.

i can vividly remember 
being in the room with 
cooper, saying our goodbyes
and thinking to myself.
"i just lost my son, 
i am not going to lose my husband too."

his love saved me during that time
and it continues to save me each and every day.

he is my biggest supporter.
he accepts my quirks
( and i have alot of them)
he encourages me to take time for me.
and doesn't criticize my fabric stash.

he is an incredible father.
chace is lucky to have him
as a role model.

i never thought i would
find someone who could love 
me so unconditionally.
(ok, let's be honest, 
i didn't think i deserved 
to have someone love me.)

i thank my lucky stars 
each and every day.
i feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
and i just wanted to share that with you.


  1. luc this post has me in tears. I seriously <3 you to pieces. xo

  2. You are truly lucky to have PH in your life!! My husband and I were only married for 9 months when we lost Darion so I am currently going through all the feelings you have described. I'm sure it's hard to share your feelings and emotions but I am glad and thankful you do! You give me hope! Thanks again Luc! <3 Joyce

  3. my husband and i call it the Life Lottery, that we found each other. ph is your ticket :) i'm so glad you have him and that he has you. sending love

  4. This is so sweet Lucinda! Tender and heartfelt ... you 2 are very lucky to have eachother!