tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

** it is ungodly hot here.

** remember, ac is not something you take for granted in the northeast.

** c has turned into a fish, thanks to his swim lessons.

** c fell on his face last night and got a big fat bloody lip.

** i think i better get used to blood, having a boy.

** i have an appointment at scott miller tonight.

** haircut and color.

** this makes me so happy.

** i was so sad the girls soccer team lost sunday.

** did you see them on the today show this morning?

** they were very gracious.

** i am having fun making my yoga mat bags.

** cant wait to buy a mat to go in it.

** officially starting weight watchers tomorrow.

**we are spending the afternoon at the pool.

** this morning when ph woke me up, i asked him what day it was.

** talk about sound asleep.

** happy tuesday.

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