triple berry

Sunday, July 24, 2011

one of the things
i love about living
in the northeast
is the abundance of
pick your own farms.

chace and i
have done our fair share
of berry picking this summer.

it is a great opportunity
to teach young children
about where our food comes from
and the importance of supporting local farmers.

earlier this month
we picked raspberries.
knowing we were leaving town,
i put them in the freezer.

yesterday we picked blueberries.
loads of them.

growing up my mom used
to make these triple berry muffins.
they were so good.
i started thinking about those muffins yesterday.

i began looking through my cookbooks
and found a recipe
in one of my barefoot contessa books.
i decided to give it a try.

turns out she got the recipe
from a friend of hers
who happened to write
the silver palette cookbook,
which just happens to be the recipe my mom used.

i highly recommend these.
they are delicious.

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