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Thursday, July 28, 2011

this morning we met
some friends at the zoo.
our zoo is small
and there are not a ton of animals.
but we do have a zoo,
so i will not complain.

it is not uncommon
to go to the zoo
and not really see
any animals.

we have these
two polar bears.
i have NEVER seen them.
until today.
i was beginning to think
that they were a monetary scam
to get  people to visit the zoo.

today was a stellar
day at the zoo.
we not only saw the polar bears
but we saw the tiger,
and the mountain lion.

we witnessed the penguins
and the sea lions
eating breakfast.
the watched the wolves pace
and the hyenas lounge.

it was epic.

but the highlight
of the day was
when hayden forgot
my name ( which happens, lucinda is hard for little ones)
and called me lewis.

i still giggle thinking about it.

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  1. It was a really nice day :) and I giggle too everytime I think of her calling you Lewis...