dear chace

Thursday, July 14, 2011

my dear sweet chace!

happy 17 months!

you look so grown up in this picture as you watch the birds on the beach. you could have watched those birds for hours. i know we gave them a good workout. you followed them until i told you needed to let the birds rest. you love birds. i think this is your connection to your brother; on some level you know we called him "birdie" and that whenever we see a bird we say, "there's your brother."

you had a great time at the beach. you were fascinated with the shells and sand. you were particularly fond of the hermit crab that cole caught. you loved hanging out with your new friends. they were so great about sharing their toys and books with you. cole was very curious as to why you did and did not do certain things. it was so cute. i am sure you will be lifelong friends.

as usual, you were a great traveler. your dad and i are so thankful. i know i tell you that alot; but, someday you will understand what a gift it is that you travel well.

you are currently taking swim lessons. you are learning to love the water again. today, we went underwater and you were not even phased by the act. you are very good at kicking your feet. whenever the instructor comes over, you tilt your head and smile. as soon as she moves on, you do whatever is was she was trying to get you to do. we have another week of lessons.

you talk non-stop. i do not know what you are saying. but i know you are telling me something.  i can not wait until we speak the same language. you continue to love books. your favorite these days is  "the very hungry caterpillar." we read it over and over and over and over.

your favorite part of the day is when your dad gets home. the two of you spend time in the yard, checking out the plants, pulling weeds, driving the lawn mower and watering the yard. your face lights up when you see his truck pull into the driveway.

you continue to bring us joy. you are so sweet. there is nothing better than one of your snuggles.  every day is adventure that i look forward taking with you.

love you


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  1. What a blessing and joy you are to all of us....If I need a pick up....I just need to hear you makes me laugh so hard.....We love you tons....Ya-Ya