phase 2

Monday, July 25, 2011

its just a phase
its just a phase
its just a phase
this was the phrase i repeated to myself
all day long.

sometimes, with every breath.
its just a phase
its just a phase.

the sweet child pictured above,
my precious boy,
is beginning to assert his will
and it is ugly.

it is like some alien
takes over his body.

he rolls around on the floor.
kick his legs.
turns red.
hits whatever he can find.
and sometimes bites the floor.

who is this child?
and where did my sweet chace go?

sometimes i laugh at him.
i mean his behavior is absurd.
sometimes i get very annoyed.
like when i am changing a poop diaper
and he is trashing around on the floor,
acting as if i am trying to hog tie him
and brand him with a hot iron.

i have to tell myself to breathe
that this too shall pass.
i am the parent.
i am in charge.
he doesn't always get his way.
he needs to learn this lesson early.

its just a phase.
an age appropriate phase.
a phase that will pass.
soon, i hope.


  1. It's a phase that is happening to 17 month olds all over the world! May the tantrums be short

  2. Your great-grandmother Nonnie told us all of us that phrase (it's a phase) frequently. What your grandmother Sissy said was that Nonnie forgot to mention that life was just one phase after the other. Fortunately they're all different! :) Hang in're tough enough and smart enough to handle anything!
    Love, Kay