tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

** c and i started a mommy and me swim class yesterday.

** it is everyday for two weeks.

** he seems to like it.

** did i tell you that he has 4 molars coming it at once?

** i think i told you that, but i need to tell you again.

** lucends bags are now being sold at w3ll people in austin.

** if you live in austin, go get yourself one.

** my cousin in law is one of the co-founder's of this awesome all natural make-up line.

** they will be in QVC friday night at 9pm CST.

** i will be watching and purchasing.

**i am going back on weight watchers.

** i have gained some weight.

** it is due to the fact that i eat whatever c doesnt eat at meal time.

** not a good habit.

** i am looking forward to yoga on thursday.

** i have some new ideas floating in my head for products.

** hello cute hooded baby towel.

** it is very hot here today.

** we will be pool bound after nap time.

** have yourself a happy tuesday.

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