tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

** we have officially had 101 inches of snow this year.

** and winter is not even close to over.

** we are STILL sick.

** chace is better.

** i am slowly getting better.

** i am headed to scott miller in about an hour for a haircut.

** i am really tempted to cut my hair short.

** a la emily watson, aka hermione granger.

** i know this probably a bad idea and am talking myself out of it.

** ph and i are coming up with plans to create a craft room for me.

** no more sewing on the dining room table.

** next winter i want to live abroad.

** i have never been more ready for spring.

** i need to clean my sewing machine in the worst way.

** must do this BEFORE i sew another stitch.

**happy tuesday!


  1. DO IT!! Cut your hair, that is...it will grow back..of that I am certain.
    I want to do it too...so you'll be my champion.
    Oh...LOVE the quilt.

  2. i love you and your new hair.
    and i am jealous.

    i might have to copy you.


    if i can find some courage somewhere...