tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

** i got a kindle!!

** i can not tell you how happy this makes me!

**thanks mom and dad.

**today we took more cooper birds to the hospital.

** and donated outgrown baby stuff to the cardiac unit.

** they need stuff like swings, bouncers, car seats.

** i was happy we could help out.

** and it is nice to see the floor of the basement.

** this week is congenital heart defect week.

** did you see the vw/darth vadar ad during the super bowl?

** that little boy has a heart defect.

** he has tetrology of phallot.

** just like cooper.

** there is one more box of cooper birds left.

**it is wicked cold here today.

** ph and i saw the king's speech this weekend.

** excellent film.

**saturday is chace's birthday party.

** i have lots to do before saturday.

** we are 85% well.

** i say that because. i am still on antibiotics.

** and my voice is still horse.

** i am caught up on bee blocks.

** for the moment.

** chace is so close to walking.

** extremely close.

** frighteningly close.

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