dear chace

Monday, February 14, 2011

my dear sweet chace.

happy 1st birthday! i can not believe that at 5:51 pm this afternoon you will be one year old. i remember after you were born, people told me to enjoy my time with you, that it would go by fast. they were so right. the last year has flown by. it seems just like yesterday that we were making the drive to the hospital to meet you.

you are your own little person these days. you know what it is that you want and are learning how to express it to us. i long to know what is going on inside your head and what it is that you are telling us. i am sure that it wont be too long until i find out. you took your first steps on thursday. a string of 6 or 7 wobbly steps to your yaya. you were so proud of yourself. each day you get better and better at your balance and putting those steps together.

we had a birthday party for you over the weekend. sheep in the jeep was the theme, as it is your favorite book. you seemed to love every minute of the party. as if you knew that everyone was there for you, to celebrate your birth. you loved putting your hands through your cake. and i think that you even like the taste of the frosting. 

speaking of food. you love pasta, bread and fruit, especially blueberries.  you are definitely your fathers child.

chace, you bring your father and i such joy. you are sweet, funny and intelligent. we look forward to seeing what you discover each and every day. we are so blessed and honored to be your parents. we love you more than you know.

happy birthday my sweet sweet boy.

love you


  1. There are about 84.7 reasons that I am absolutely uncontrollably without hesitation in LOVE with that photo.

    Give that boy a squeeze for me.
    And his girlfriend Stella too.

    We miss him very much. Especially today.


  2. Happy Birthday!!! We hope you had a wonderful day and a grand celebration. We send our love from New Mexico.

    Vanessa and The Boys