post 500

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

can you believe that this is post 500?
yes, i said 500.
5 friggin hundred.

i can not believe
that i have had 500 posts
worth of words.
i can not believe
that you still read.
i can not believe
that you still comment.

when i started this blog
i was in a different space.
i needed a place to put
my words, my grief, my love and my anger.
a place to tell my story.

i did not know if people
would read, would care, or comment.
i did this for me.
but along the way it changed.

it turned into friendships,
connections and a community.
and i like to thing that every once in
a while something i wrote helped someone
in some small way.

i often wondered
how long i would blog.
if i would ever call
myself a blogger.

i am happy to say
that i can not imagine
not writing.
and yes i call myself
a blogger.

thank you for sticking with me.
for supporting me.
for caring enough to read.
and being witness to this crazy journey
called life.

as a thank you.
5 readers will win
one of the following
yarn, fabric, or something handmade.

leave a comment by chace's birthday.
monday february 14th, 2011.
and let me know which giveaway
you would most like to have.

i know there are alot of
"lurkers" out there.
now is a perfect time
to come out of hiding.



  1. Nice work, sis! So, what's your daily readership? That should prod some of the lurkers out into commenting!

  2. Congrats!
    It's amazing how these posts just add up and how important it gets to connect to all the people that take time to read what we have to write.

    Well, if I by any chance win the giveaway, I have to admit I'm kind of a fabric addict ;)

  3. Congratulations!! I've really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing pictures of your family.

    I'm all about the knitting, so yarn here. :)

  4. Leaving a comment...cause I love your've already sent me some beautiful handmade would wrong of me to throw my hat in the ring for me....I mean, really..just down right greedy.

  5. Good for you Lucinda! Love the idea of a giveaway ... so something handmade or yarn is my request!

  6. Jeanie jeanhmaher@yahoo.comFebruary 9, 2011 at 7:56 PM

    WOW! 500 is a lot, and I have enjoyed reading your blog so much:) It is so difficult to choose one "thing" for your giveaway:) If I had to choose, I think something "yarny" I can't get enough yarn:)

  7. I am commenting because I want you to know I'm glad you started writing. Your courage to bare your soul and share your story is what made us friends.(and the fact that we are both totally awesome in every way).
    I am grateful, everyday, for you.
    And now that I am done being sappy....I want handmade. Preferably a wristlet.......;)

    Or send me yarn, and maybe there'll be a brim cabled hat in your future....

    The giveaway that keeps on giving.


  8. I have followed your blog since the days when you were initiating Cooper's Flock and you sent me BSA cotton. I admire your courage in sharing your thoughts and your journey, and I love seeing photos of your sweet Chace. Thanks for continuing to blog, and Happy Birthday to Chace!

    kgmama (on Ravelry)

  9. i love following Chace's growth. he's so cute! i'd also love some yarn!

  10. Great job on theat modern baby quilt, love the colors! I am still knitting!!!

  11. Athena turned me onto your blog. Now I check in atleast once a week. I still consider myself a lurker though. I drool at your etsy shop and would love something handmade.

  12. Congratulations on 500 posts!

    I've been reading since I learned about Cooper's Birds.

    If chosen, I would like something handmade. It goes along with my theme this year to share in the handmade and pass it on.


  13. Happy postiversary! They do add up! Congrats.

    I'd love some fabric if you have any extra, that would be delightful. I am all thumbs with any thing that has to do with yarn. :)


  14. I like your blog. Wow 500! Keep them coming. I wouldn't mind some fabric if I am lucky enough to win!

  15. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday to Chace! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the celebration.

    Thank you again for sharing so much over the past years. Can't believe
    you've posted over 500 times! I've read every one.


  16. Congratulations! Your blog is one I usually check regularly, thanks for sharing and for the giveaway. I love yarn and fabric, so either would be perfect!

    Happy Birthday, Chace!

  17. I think I've commented a couple times, but I am mostly a lurker. I love your blog. You are inspiring and uplifting. Your little ones are adorable.

    Happy 500!

  18. Congratulations on 500 posts! I admire your strength and how freely you share both triumph and tragedy. Thank you, love checking in here!
    Fabric or handmade would be my giveaway choice :)

  19. I am one of the many lurkers, I enjoy reading your post, it is like have someone understand all the craziness that life throws your way. Ours might be different but all the same anyways. Happy Birthday Chase, I can't believe it has been a year.
    Fabric or handmade would be wonderful!! I enjoy your quilts very much and have been inspirational in my quest to make quilts.

    Tammy @

  20. Happy first birthday, Chace!

    Luc, I've enjoyed watching your journey since I discovered your blog via Susan B Anderson. I lost my first daughter in August 2008, and it's been an honor to follow along with you - losing a child is heartbreaking, and now that my second daughter was born this September, my journey has mirrored yours; finding joy in the midst of healing, grieving one child's absence while celebrating the arrival of another.

    Were I to win, I'd choose fabric (I was fortunate to win something homemade from you recently, and I should really work on depleting my yarn stash).