tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

** i am pretty sure there is a bird stuck in the chimney.

** i have a pot roast in the crock pot.

** have i told you how much i love the crock pot?

** by the end of the day, i will have made 50 items for the holiday craft how at the RMSC.

** my goal is 100.

** so in order to reach my goal, i have to make 2 items a day for the next 30 days.

** no problem.

** ph's boss makes awesome wreaths at xmas time.

** he asked me to do if i would put them in my etsy shop.

** i said yes.

** they are awesome and last all winter!

** c is crawling all over the place.

** and he is fast.

** while i love fall, it is emotionally a difficult time for me.

** always has been.

** i can feel the storm clouds building.

** friday night lights starts 1 week from tomorrow.

** i am beyond excited.

** have a happy tuesday.

** the sewing machine is calling.....


  1. :imagine something prophetic written here:
    *it's always darkest before the dawn?
    *you cannot have a rainbow without rain?
    *winter must be cold for those with no warm memories....and we've already missed the spring?

    Wait, what?

    YOU, darling, are a machine.
    I am envious.

    And I miss you.


  2. i am making 4 placemats for my sister for christmas. i have one finished. it took me 2 weeks. consider me impressed. especially since bean is crawling.