tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

** it is a typical fall day here in the northeast, cool, grey and rainy.

** this makes the changing leaves magnificant

** i finally feel better after a nasty cold/virus/drainage.

** while sick, i realized that motherhood does not allow "sick days"

** green chili stew is currently in the crockpot.

** want to know what athena thought of our visit, check out her post.

** the only place where i can find some personal space these days, is sitting on the toilet.

** this disturbs me.

** want to know what else disturbs me?

** bean's poopy diapers.

** i am OVER them.

** ready for him to be potty trained.

** this week, they crossed a line from baby poop to gross.

**i made banana muffins yesterday.

** my mom is coming to visit in november

** and we are going to NYC for 2 days.

** so excited!!

** and yes chace does have another grandmother.

** grandma pat is ph's mom.

** she lives here in rochester.

** i just don't blog about her.

** ph lost his dad when he was 18.

** must go sew.....


  1. Just wait until Bean starts walking...then what was your only chance for personal space (on the toilet) flies out the window as well!

  2. Be thankful for your toilet time- I don't get that anymore!!

  3. yeah, toilet time is a luxury. and just wait till he starts eating meat. then the poop really really stinks. such a glamorous life we lead.

  4. maaybe he will be smart like his mom and be potty trained at 14mos +or- a few months...but it was way early and only because you want to wear to old fashioned "big girl pants"...the beautiful white ones with the lace around the legs....xoxo