nelson the neon

Sunday, October 3, 2010

shortly after ph and i started dating, he bought a 1997 black dodge neon. gas was at all time high and he wanted something to drive other than his gas beast dodge truck . he bought the neon at an auction for $900. i have to admit that i did snub my nose at the the neon at first, but i understood his reasoning. i ended up driving nelson for about 6 months, so we bonded. so much so, that i named him nelson the neon. and he has saved us much more money than we put into him. so overall, it was a good purchase.

nelson was old, beat up, and rusted. he killed my back. he did not have a working air conditioner. he could be found buried in snow in the winter.  but he always started. he was trust worthy. he delivered pizza. he made ph $150 in tip money one night. maybe its because people felt sorry for him. he carted the dogs to the park. he was a member of the family.

last weekend, ph tried to start him and he just didn't want to run. he had had enough. he could not be donated to charity, because well, he didn't run. so ph did some research and found a salvage company that would pay us to take nelson. imagine that. so last week a tow truck showed up and carted nelson away for his next big adventure. and gave us $200 in cold hard cash.

we will miss nelson. he was a good old car.


  1. nooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. I have a 97 white neon and it's still running. I'm hoping for 1 more minnesota winter before she retire's.