new friend

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

meet my new friend, oribe's dry texturizing hair spray.
i will admit i am a bit of a product junkie.
alright, a big product junkie.
and i can be a little two faced about my products.

but i will NOT be that way with this new friend.
well, it is the best product ever.

you see, i only wash my hair once a week.
that's right.
every 7 days.
it is better for my hair.
it took a while to train it to go that long.

lee, my hair guru, always tells me
that my hair is in great shape.
because i don't
overwash it
over heat it and
abuse it.

but i will admit
that by day 6
my hair needs a cleaning.
enter oribe's dry texturizing spray.

i sprayed it
on the roots of my hair
on day 5.
and it soaked up all the oil.
gave my hair volume.
and texture.
i got more compliments
on my hair day 5, 6, 7
than when it was freshly

no lie.
its brilliant.
i love it.
and i will not forsake it
for another product.

how often do you wash you your hair?


  1. Every. Single. Day. But I only condition once a week.

  2. Every morning! I wish I could go longer, but I can't deal.

  3. Everyday! 'cause I MUST. gotta try this spray....


  4. I am actually more like you than the other commenters. I too have "trained" my hair so that it only needs to be washed every 5-6 days or so. I have naturally oily and thick coarse hair, and I got sick of having to wash it and then tame it into something even remotely presentable, so I just stopped washing it, and on days when it was really oily, I just wore a scarf of some kind on my head. It took about five months of only washing it once a week for it to finally take, but that's exactly how often I wash it now -- once a week! But I use Lush's handmade soaps/shampoos/conditioners exclusively ( I LOVE the American Cream conditioner. It smells so amazing. Really, you must try it. Their shampoos are great, too (the bottles, not the bars). Thanks for the Oribe tip!