tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

** happy tuesday everyone!

** i had an awesome yoga practice this evening.

** i am sewing sewing sewing.

** we leave for austin a week from thursday.

** i am super excited.

** this weekend we are going to toronto.

** remember when i won a photo session with blue lily photography?

** well it is finally time to collect.

** i can not wait.

** i love their photos.

** sunday is mother's day.

** it is a bittersweet day for me.

** and to be honest i dont like a big fuss made if it.

** it just tugs at my heart to much.

** i am going on a yoga retreat in mexico next march.

** beyond excited.

** happy 40th bday to me.

** (next year that is).

** i am sad that the voice is ending to night.

** we are entering the time of year that i call bad tv time.

** ph is making pizza.

** it is tuesday ya'll.

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