add it to my bucket list

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

for the past year or more
our zoo has been constructing 
a new exhibit.
one that will showcase
lions, elephants and baboons.

we have watched the construction
from a distance.
we have talked about the animals 
that were going to live there.
we have eagerly anticipated 
the opening.

the day is here, 
it officially opens on thursday
but they had a preview party this evening
for penguin circle members.

chace was so excited about 
going to the zoo
and seeing the new animals.
ph met us there after work,
we took in the new exhibit,
ate dinner and enjoyed some family time.

the lions were by far my favorite.
they are amazing creatures.
i think i may be smitten.
so much so that i have added going 
on a safari to my bucket list.

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