stitched by mothers

Sunday, May 13, 2012

remember this baby quilt?
it was mine when i was little.
my mom made it for me.
it was loved and worn,
the way a baby quilt should be.

mom brought it to me 
after chace was born.
i had the crazy idea to take it apart
and recreate it into another quilt.

mom looked at me like 
i was a little crazy,
but she sat up at night and carefully
ripped it apart stitch by stitch.

i had a vision.
i could see the new quilt in my mind.
so i set about gathering fabric, 
cutting fabric and sewing
lots of stitches.

it took me two years
to complete.
but it is finished 
and it is so gratifying 
to see my vision turned into a new quilt.

as i was sewing the binding on
i realized that i needed to send the quilt
to my mom for mothers day.

i never knew how much love
a mother has for her child
until i became one myself.
the love that my mother poured
into that quilt for a me before i was born
is abundantly clear to me 39 years later.

giving her the quilt 
was an acknowledgement of that love.
as well, as the unconditional love that
she has shown me.
i know that i am the person, wife and mother
that i am because of her.

i was not the easiest child to raise, much less love.
i now understand how deeply i hurt her at times, 
that is something that doesn't sit well with me,
but i am able to accept it because of her love.

happy mother's day mom!


  1. Kristen Tyler WooleryMay 13, 2012 at 7:34 PM

    Lucy! made me cry! You are a wonderful mommy and daughter. Chace and your mom are very lucky to have you!

  2. seeing this beautiful....wonderful child.....Chace Wallace makes it all worth every second.....and after all....he is a product of all of us....bound together with love....hope .....and joy....I love you so much....Mom/Ya-Ya

  3. Oh, Luc!! It turned out sooooo good!!! I cannot wait to met your Mom!! xxoo