a keepsake

Saturday, May 26, 2012

it is no secret around this blog
that i am a purger, 
and do not tend to exhibit hoarding tendencies.
ok, maybe with fabric and yarn.

there is something very cathartic
about purging, getting rid of the clutter
and stuff you just dont need.

i have not kept many of chace's baby clothes.
i sent them all to my nephew,
but even if i did not have someone to pass them
down to, i know i would not have kept them.

i mean, let's be honest.
chace does not want a box of his clothes
to put his child in 30 something
years from now.

but he might want a quilt
made from those clothes. 
a keepsake to pass on to future generations
that is actually useful and does not cause clutter.

the above quilt was made for valerie's 
daugther gianna.
she asked me a few months ago, if i could
make a quilt out of her clothes.
of course i said yes.

i have seen other quilts made out of clothes,
but they seemed disjointed, random.
there was no connection between the clothes used.

i knew that i wanted mine quilt
to look different, 
to stand out,
to be unique.

i solved this by using a group of fabrics 
to tie the pieces of clothing together.
the center of each square is the detail
that valerie wanted to keep.

i think my favorite is gianna's footprints
taken after she was born 
and put on her father's scrubs.
( he is an ED doctor).

i loved making this quilt.
it turned out much better 
than i imagined.
now i need to make one for chace.

oh, and if you would like 
your own keepsake quilt
i am now taking orders.


  1. We love it! Brought us to tears, it was made with love and it shows. The attention to every detail is amazing !

  2. How beautiful! You did a wonderful job of bringing the disparate fabric together so that it all blends in such a lovely way. You are very talented.

    1. thanks! i had so much fun making it!

  3. I would very much like to order one for my son who was born in Korea - we have all of his clothing that came home with him and may wish to take a piece or two to make into a quilt. Please let me know how to order - thanks!

    alicia colangelo

  4. Beautiful quilt!
    Addy loves the quilt you made for her - she reaches for it every night to sleep with.

    1. kate i am so glad that addy loves her quilt. it is one of my favorites!