the body speaks

Sunday, May 6, 2012

my body speaks to me often,
but the majority of the time
i do not listen.

i am driven.
truth be told,
i like having a lot
on my plate.

i dont know where
the drive comes from,
i do come by it honestly.
my mother is the same way.

sometimes it is just who i am
that keeps me pushing ahead.
other times it is my ego.
the voice that says,
you can juggle it all.

my body knows best.
it gets angry when i dont listen to it.
it retaliates
usually in the form of sickness.
( like it is now)

today in church,
(aka sunday morning yoga)
we focused on listening
to our body.
one breath at a time.

class was not easy.
erica designed it this way
to see if we would really listen
and be honest with what our body was saying.

it was hard
but i moved through class
one breath at a time.
i realized that i am stronger than i think.

the question is always
can i take my practice of the mat?

i have a ton of work to do
before i leave for austin.
but i was so tired today.
so when chace went down
for a nap.

instead of ignoring what
my body was telling me,
i listened and took a rest.
i was rewarded by a productive afternoon.

i need to listen to my body more often.

1 comment:

  1. That is such a hard lesson. Even when we recognize it, there always seems to be that drive to do just a bit more. (It is always a challenge for me to remember that doing more doesn't always make me stronger - maybe just more tired.) Good for you for taking the time you need to rest and restore. I'm glad it paid off, too!