tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

** i am currently watching NCIS: Los Angeles.

** it is pouring rain here.

** we had a grand time with pappous.

** thankfully, yaya is here until monday.

** c calls uncle luke, "cuka."

** it's pretty cute.

** i have been uninspired to blog lately.

** i am wondering if my time as a blogger is winding down or i just need to take a break.

** things are falling into place for the mayday underground art and craft show on nov. 5th

** are you going to attend?

** i can not believe that november is right around the corner.

** there is snow in the forecast for the end of the week.

** why do i buy halloween candy that i like?

** c has a fall party at school tomorrow.

** ph and i have at attend our first parent teacher conference on thursday.

** i hope we get a good report.

** we bought a training potty today.

** now to start using it.

** have a great tuesday night.

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