tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

** chace's new favorite food is nilla wafers.

** he doesnt seem to understand that they are not a food group.

** i thought they were a food group when i was little.

** athena and stella are coming to rochester in november.

** i can not wait to see stella and chace together.

** i am hoping to get her to take some family photos while she is here.

** chace needs a hair trim, again.

** my hair is not growing out fast enough.

** after the shows are over in november, i am going to sew cooper birds with my scraps.

** it is what feels right.

** feel free to knit or sew birds.

** i would also like to make some quilts over the winter.

** my new favorite song is "spirit of a storm" by kenny chesney.

** i booked my flight to austin for renegade craft fair.

** if you live in austin, or close to austin, i hope you will stop by.

** my flight only cost $10.00.

** i used miles for the ticket.

** nice feeling.

** happy tuesday everyone.


  1. a) of course i will take your pictures.
    b) i cannot wait to hug bailey.
    c) and you and chace, too.
    d) can you link to the cooper sewing pattern?
    e) growing hair out is the pitts.
    f) two words: pumpkin scones.


  2. a) YAY!
    b) bailey is looking forward to the hug.
    c) i am going to hug your neck and stella's.
    d) i have to figure out how to link the sewing pattern.
    e) bad hair is the worst.
    f) two words: yoga class.


  3. Isn't it great to use miles for plane tickets? I'm doing that quite often now! I'm glad you
    will make more birds. I have one on my ornament tree that I saved.
    I've started going back to yoga and am glad I have the time for that again.
    I'm finally finishing Otis's Texas stocking that has been hanging on my mantle for a year. It's his red felt one that will stay with me. Lots of sequins and beads...


  4. i'm already knitting.
    and we add charlie to the stella and chace mix and see what happens? we can throw bailey and a box of nilla wafers in there to make it really interesting.

  5. Hhahahaha Allison. I just lol'd. Poor Bailey would get destroyed by three very small, very nilla wafer addicted children.