for the good of food

Monday, October 10, 2011

we like food.
not just any food.
good food.
pure food.
simple food.
complicated food.
food full of flavor.

ok, we like most foods
with the exception of processed foods.

i meticulously plan out
the meals each week
carefully balancing flavors,
proteins and produce.

i don't buy cookies,
chips or junk food.
part of it is because i will eat it
and the other part is i don't
want chace to eat this type of food.

we eat this way, not because it
makes us better parents
or individuals.
it is choice we have made
for ourselves and our family.

this being said, 
eating this way can be expensive.
the majority of our grocery bill
is spent on produce.

saturday at yoga, 
i saw a flier for a csa

this option makes sense to me.
we get fresh produce
for 4 months during the winter.
it will cut down on our grocery bill.
we are helping local farmers.
and we are consuming good, healthy pure food.

for me this is a no brainer.
now i have to convince ph.


  1. we always did that when Dad was in medical School and in Lexington....It makes perfect sense.....and it does help all the local growers and there are NO fruit flies......xoxo

  2. We do a CSA year round - the summer one is amazing. The farm we buy into was hit really hard by Hurricane Irene, and it was amazing to see the CSA community rally to support the farmers. Had they not had so many shareholders, they probably would have lost their entire business. Makes you feel good at the end of the day - it's a bonus that you get lots of yummy produce! - Amanda