tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

** the word of the day for chace, "tattoo".

** hmmm. wondering how he knows that word?

** we are having roasted chicken and fall vegetables for dinner.

** i love fall.

** i am sewing sewing sewing away.

** the count down is on for the mayday underground art and craft show nov. 5th.

** if you live in rochester, are you attending?

** you could start your holiday shopping early.

** mom and dad arrive friday.

** my brother, luke,  is making an appearance some time next week.

** we had a great afternoon at a local farm market with friends.

** chace went on his first hayride.

** it is hard to believe that he was only able to sit in the pumpkin patch last year.

** athena is coming to visit. athena is coming to visit.

** i can not wait!

** my 20th  high school reunion is in two weeks.

** i am not attending.

** 20 years is a long time.

** hope you had a good tuesday.

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